Our Mission

Our organization seeks to bring fairness and justice to the Child Protection process.

We have become aware of the experience of many families whose children have been taken by Child Protective Services, in what they believe is a very unjust manner. We have been contacted by hundreds of parents whose experience has been all too familiar and tragic. We are based in Michigan, but we have been contacted and have worked with families all around the United States.

We do not endorse child abuse or neglect. But abusing families is not the answer. Taking children from their parents without just cause is abusive to both parents and children, robbing parents of the most precious thing in their lives. Taking children from their parents without just cause robs children of the most precious relationship in their young lives, and robs them of their identities.

As a Charitable/Educational organization, we seek to educate the public through printed media, the Internet, and television programs. We also provide counseling via e-mail and telephone and support for injured families through our counseling, referrals, and court observing.

As a Political Action Committee we advocate for fair and reasonable treatment of parents and respect for their social role and legal rights. We advocate for constructive changes in the child welfare system through support of legislation beneficial to families at both the state and federal level. We endorse and support candidates for elective office who understand and support the changes we seek. As a PAC we also give recognition and deference to Judeo-Christian values, especially in the areas of sanctity of human life and marriage.

If you are having difficulty with unfair treatment by Child Protective Services, be assured that you are not the first to feel this way. Please send us an e-mail with a brief description of your situation, including your name, location and phone number.

We work with other organizations to achieve our mutual goals, among these are Moms and Dads of Michigan, Michigan for Parental Rights, Family Rights Coalition, and ParentalRights.org, and National Coalition for Child Protection Reform.

4 thoughts on “Our Mission

  1. I’ve had an experienced CPS with my daughter just because I had questions with hospital procedures (at Devos Children’s Hospital/Spectrum Health). I have proof of our mistreatment and I was wondering what could be done to stop this hospital, and others, from over stepping their bounds. I was told I had no right when it came to my daughter’s medical care and as a parent I should have that right.


  2. Do you work with people who have dealt with corrupt cps and basically was forced to give their kids up for adoption 11 years ago??


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